Keep Your Water From Freezing with Ritchie

Keep Your Water From Freezing with Ritchie

Because do you really want to wrestle with frozen hoses? I’m willing to bet that if you’ve raised livestock for any length of time, you’re all too familiar with winter watering woes – breaking ice, thawing hoses, lugging buckets to fields and stalls only to have your gloves soaked and chilled by the time you’re done. I’m also willing to bet that if that’s the case – you’ll be interested in learning more about automatic waterers.

While they’re not ideal for all situations, automatic waterers are an excellent reprieve from tired chores and give an added sense of security, knowing your animals always have cool, fresh, clean water available.

If you’re considering investing in automatic waterers, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Your water will stay clean
  • No more breaking ice
  • No filling and lugging buckets
  • You’ll save time
  • Regulated water temperature in all conditions

While this may sound like a welcome change, once installed, automatic waterers are not out-of-sight-out-of-mind. We want you to have realistic expectations – before you buy, here are a few things you should know:

  • Waterers are long-term investments and often permanent fixtures. Make sure you check for a good warranty before you buy. Our Ritchie waterers carry a 10-year 100% warranty against manufacturing defect or corrosion.
  • Automatic waterers require daily attention. Valves can jam, floats can stick, water lines can freeze (sure, the waterer itself might be heated, but what about the pipes feeding it?). But rest assured, Ritchie keeps its current and upgraded parts interchangeable with older units to ensure you’ll always be able to get the right parts to fix your unit – even after 30 years.
  • Setup is work. It requires digging a trench, running and hooking up power and water lines below the frost line, installing pipes, gravel, and concrete pads. That said – it only has to be done once.

If you understand the challenges and still think it’s worth it for you to install automatic waterers, Ritchie Waterers has some awesome options available!

OmniFount Family –Traditional stainless steel blended with their newest poly units. Heat elements attached to the underside for frost free service.

CattleMasters – Heavily insulated for energy efficiency and UV inhibitors for extended life. Fully adjustable thermostats plus cable heaters for valve and supply line protection.

EcoFount – Features fully insulated casings and discs that float on top of the water, preventing sunlight from hitting the water – keeping it cleaner and cooler. Heated options available to keep you right through winter.

And more…

Purity carries a wide range of Ritchie Automatic Waterers in-store, and some require special ordering. Call our store for more information on product availability.

Some final thoughts:
There are automatic waterers designed for all types of livestock, not just horses. And a single unit goes a long way. Even a small, single trough waterer can feed up to 20 head of cattle. And when you’re sitting in your warm house on a cold mid-January evening, this investment will be well worth it knowing your horses have fresh, warm water available and you don’t have to venture back out into the cold. Come on in today to pick up your Ritchie product at Purity Feed Farm & Garden Centre.

October 31, 2017

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